lucas-lof-388Rahab was grafted into the family line of King David, and Jesus. After she was married to Salmon, one of the spies she saved, nothing more is spoken of her apart from when the genealogy is recorded. Yet, she still had a purpose. Even when she was stuck ‘entertaining’ travelers in the city of Jericho and didn’t see a way out of her situation. God already had a plan. Sometimes the plan doesn’t truly show up until years later. Rahab gave birth to a son, Boaz. I expect he suffered quite a bit at the hands of his extended family because of his mother. He may have been even ostracised. Yet, his mum had obviously raised him well as he grew to be respected by his community, though still single into middle age. Respected but not truly accepted. Then God’s plan truly came into action.

Boaz was able to see past the exterior of a person to see the beauty of someone’s heart. To see when God had placed someone in his life. He could see Ruth, even though she was from Moab, and considered an outcast, her heart for God was pure. He didn’t just graft Rahab into his family line, he prepared the way to do the same for Ruth.

Don’t allow the enemy to tell you there is no way out of a difficult situation. It is only a season! God has already set things in motion to ensure your route to be grafted into his family line and into his best for you. You just haven’t seen it yet. Hold on. It may just be around the corner.

Rahab was chosen and became the great-grandmother to King David.

Ruth was chosen and became the grandmother of King David.

Don’t look at your history and think you don’t anything to offer. God loves to use the unexpected to confound the wise. He saw their hearts and he chose them.