New Seasons


This past weekend marked the beginning of the year 5779 on the Jewish Calendar. The season of Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish New Year.  There is not just biblical significance in the starting of the new year, there is prophetic significance. It is the transition into a new season. A new season that holds so much expectation.

I have walked some very intense battles over the last few years. I know God was with me on the journey, and a lot of it has truly lead to some amazing breakthroughs and maturity. Notwithstanding, it was a hard season and at the end of last week, I felt like I was crawling across the finish line. I was feeling battered and bruised. Battle-weary. 

Yet, here I stand (sit) feeling so alive. Feeling so blessed by the presence of God throughout my day that tears spring to my eyes at the thought.

We truly never know what is just around the corner. We never know how close we are to breakthrough.

I can see, now looking back on last week, that the battle was so fierce due to the enemy trying to hold me back from all the Lord is opening up to me. The battle is always worst right before a breakthrough. OR The night is darkest before the dawn. Have you heard that saying?

I often hear people stuck in a place of negativity, complaining about all the bad things that happen to them. Some people really do have far more on their plate to deal with than others. It doesn’t seem fair. Yet, I really believe that when we align our thinking with Jesus, we will see that those that battle the greatest have the greatest destiny in the Kingdom. The enemy is working overtime to throw people off course. He knows they have an amazing destiny ahead of them!

If the enemy can convince us that we are meant to be in this mess, or that we deserve to deal with the extra challenges, then he can keep us from becoming all we are to become in Christ. We need to shift our thinking and see what Jesus is truly trying to show us, to cut away in the battles what is dragging us down, so that we can stand tall in the triumph!

We are the Righteousness in Christ!

New seasons are a chance to step into the door of a greater destiny. A new path with Jesus. It doesn’t always look how we expect, and it still has challenges. We just need to take that step, fully surrender and have faith that God truly does know us better than we know ourselves.