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In Australia, we are coming up to our Summer holidays. I am so looking forward to the break from work and school and routine. It is the perfect time to do a little challenge. I have been inspired to partake in a creativity challenge by Amanda Viviers. Amanda is an amazing author who is often seeking to balance her life around writing, speaking and family. She also has a great focus of not being a consumer of life but to be a creator. 

The Summer Challenge is  #WriteMakeCreate. To take some different prompts and to create something. It could be anything really. Art, Poetry, Photography, Short Story. Due to me struggling with my writing at the moment, I have set out to write over the summer. I don’t know exactly what it will look like. I will start with the prompts and allow myself to simply explore. My goal is to post once a week, with the new week clicking over on Sunday. 

Feel free to join in on the journey and create something also. Here we go! I am excited to dive in.

  • Week 1: Ocean
  • Week 2: Mustard
  • Week 3: Family
  • Week 4: Festive
  • Week 5: Earth
  • Week 6: Night
  • Week 7: Table
  • Week 8: Illustration
  • Week 9: Watermelon
  • Week 10: Dough
  • Week 11: Play
  • Week 12: Create
  • Week 13: Friend

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