Footprints on the beach near the water

Week 1 Prompt: Ocean

Fingers tugged at black laces, loosening them before grabbing the heel of the shoes and pulling them off. Blue sneakers were thrown a short distance away, laying on the grass as though discarded. Socks nestled inside. Pale feet stepped gingerly onto the gravel path, then purposely. The wind whipped loose tendrils across her face, twisting and tangling the tawny hair. Her hand reached up to brush the hair from her face and pushed it behind her ear.

The wind wasn’t deterred and continued to whisper playfulness in her ear, no matter how many times the hair was pulled away. In frustration, she turned to face her tormentor. Face into the wind, eyes stern, her hair flew from her face. Reaching up she grabbed her hair, twisting it atop her head, securing it with an elastic hair tie from around her wrist.

She pulled her jacket closer and turned back towards her destination. Sand crunched beneath bare feet, flicking up small flecks of sand with each step. Footprints sunk into the soft sand but were gone shortly after being created. The wind curling around, playing with the granules, shifting the sand with each breath. Her eyes watched the sand as she walked, arms held tightly across her chest as though shielding herself from the mischievousness of the breeze.

Lines etched across her face as she looked out towards the water. A deep exhale caused arms to loosen and shoulders to lower. She stood still and dug her toes into the moist sand, as the waves threatened to wet her feet, each time rising closer before receding again. While the wind continued to circle around her, the water gently waved and welcomed her company. It was inviting a conversation with hushed tones awaiting a reply.

As she lowered herself into the sand her eye caught sight of a bright fleck of colour and she stood up quickly, excitement and anticipation pushing away the previous contemplations. She stepped into the water, leaning down and plucked the gift the ocean carried to her shore. Lips curled in fascination at the item she examined, turning it over in her hands. The starfish held out its arms as it waited to be returned to the water. The bright orange and yellow glistened in the sunlight. She lowered it back to the water as she watched it creep slowly back beneath the rock.

Continuing to stand in the shallows, the waves lapped at her capris. She seemed lost in thought as she looked into the depths, watching the light shine through the blue waters. She marvelled at the different colours of blues and greens and the various shades in between. The shimmer of the light in the water transported her from the world of hassle to one of tranquillity. It seemed to wash over just simply by being and watching.

She stepped back to the shore and sat just outside of the reach of the waves, feet digging into the sand. Her eyes drawn to the horizon as the sun painted its way across the sky. It seemed the ocean and sky had such a romantic hold, endlessly joined together. The sun seemed to be merely painting a picture of their love. Joined together forever, but never really embracing.

As she sat, her breathing matched the motion of the waves, the peace of the space cleansed her. The depth of her exhaustion from life seemed to have evaporated as she just paused her to do list and uncoupled herself from her obligations. Even if just for a short while, she breathed in the splendid moments of Summer.

The wind was overjoyed as she had come to join them in the moment, having released the pain of the day and embraced the freedom found there. It continued to enfold her in playfulness, skipping at her neck as short wisps of hair continued to dance, reminding her to stay longer, share their story, and return again soon.

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