I have just sat down to quiet my spirit to listen. It doesn’t happen often enough. I have been super busy and allowing that to steal my quiet time, bible reading and even prayer. I have been skipping over scripture instead of reading and mediating. I have been distant and aloof with God. I don’t exactly know why but it all starts with one decision, each day. Then it becomes weeks.

I have just noticed in this time of reflection after a rather grumpy and frustrated day that the further, and longer, I allow myself to drift away the more I see those traits of myself that I was sure God had transformed. Then it hit me. It isn’t transformation.

It is simply Jesus light shining brighter than our darkness, and our choice to allow him to shine through us.

We are still the same selfish unloving people. Yet when we maintain our connection to the vine it is that choice to stay close that brings the fruit of transformation. Within the vine, we are unable to do anything.

This false belief that we have anything to do with the fruit in our lives breeds a kind of pride the church have accepted, and a complacency with having ‘made’ it when we see the evidence of Christ in our lives. I have unknowingly been there.

To seek first the kingdom is all we have the power to do. Seek Jesus daily, pursue him in all things. Look for his hand in our every day. Listen to his leading, surrender our will and understanding and be obedient to his leading. This is what allows him to produce fruit in our lives. This is all we can do.

This is all he asks us to do.

Why do we try to take ownership of things that are not ours to hold?

Apart from him, we are nothing, but in him and his light shines bright through us.